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Welcome to our partnership application page in the context of Luxembourg's brand image promotion. Our objective, which is to have people know and appreciate the values and faces of Luxembourg, is to highlight your know-how through partnerships.

Via a choice of links below, we invite you to fill in the form corresponding to your request, namely a partnership of :


PRODUCT - Production and marketing for the LuXembourg Collection


PROJECT or EVENT - Co-financing and/or promotional material


BRAND - Use of one or more elements of the brand


Please note that :

  • Your application will be processed by our Team, and where applicable by the Partnership Committee or by the Luxembourg Collection Comitee, on the basis of the criteria indicated in the respective forms,

  • At any time, you can save your application and picked it up at a later date. However, once the application has been submitted, you will not be able to modify it. We therefore ask you to carefully review your application before submission.

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